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Advertisement Specifications
Your Ad should have these dimensions:

Width: 180 px (4.7625 cm / 1.875 inch)
Height: 150 px (3.96875 cm / 1.5625 inch)

Please note: Your advertisement will be automatically resized to fit these dimensions.

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Get prominent exposure for your business locally. Your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Banner Ad on will be seen by every member. You only pay for visitors that have clicked-through to your website. Pay-Per-Click banner advertising; the biggest bang for your buck. (See below)

Placing Banner Business Ads

  • Companies and Services wanting to post Ads must first register as a free Member (in case we need to contact you).
  • After interpreting your Ad, Members pay with US, or Canadian $$ (each calculated as is - no exchange rate).
    - $25.00 for 100 Clicks  (PPC views).
    - $210.00 for 1000 Clicks (PPC views). (See our Advertiser page for opening special).
  • All payments are made through PayPal, our highly respected, safe and secure online server.
  • You can pay by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express OR by: International Money Order.
  • How PPC (Pay Per Click) Banner Ads work:
  • - A 'Click' on your Banner Ad activates the Ad and takes the Member to your Web Site (URL).                                   
  • - A 'Unique Click', is a Click that allows a Member User a 'onetime' click per visit; so NO clicks can be wasted! This way you only pay for prospective clients who in fact read all you have to offer. This method of Advertising is ultimately the most cost-effective way to Advertise and gives your business the highest return on your Advertising budget.
  • Since we are primarily Community oriented, Gopoco focusses on Businesses seeking to promote Local trade.
  • PEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept large wholesale chain Ads.
  • We are also interested in promoting 'not-for-profit' organizations and worthwhile causes. Please check us out through 'Contact Us.'
  • All Ads will be monitored for suitable content. Anything distasteful may be flagged and or removed by Gopoco Admin.
  • IMPORTANT: 100 click Ads will not be re-imbursed; 1000 Click Ads will be deducted @ a $25.00 Admin fee.