User Guide

You must be a registered free member in order to participate in Gopoco.

In General

  • Keep keywords to a minimum - be clear and to the point.
  • If you have pictures to post, show the details in the pictures. When taking the picture(s), try to exclude all the background around the subject and show only the item. Don't hide imperfections. If one chair leg is broken - show it. It is better to be honest from the outset. Leave the enquirer no untold surprises. It may reduce your 100% track record. Honesty pays; it will be to your benefit.
  • You may include up to four (4) photos per listing.
  • "Can I use HTML tags or URLs in my Postings?" Sorry, no.
  • "How can I increase the chances of getting a good response to my Posting?" By being clear, concise and using quality photos.
  • "Can I post my goods in multiple cities?" Sorry, no, you can't. You will have to rely on the 'Want It' posting members' distance parameter decision whether your Posting comes to their attention.
  • Be sensible. Make sure you are prepared to deal with the practical consequences that arise from dealing with greater distances such as travel and/or shipping costs.
  • "Will Gopoco search for me outside my own Postal/Zip Code?" YES. You set your distance parameters by setting your mile/kilometer distance on your profile page; MAXIMUM DISTANCE IS 5000 KM (until further notice) .
  • HOWEVER, All "Sell It" goods must be posted from WITHIN their Postal/Zip Code.
  • But! There is an added bonus using Postal/Zip Codes. Say you have a friend in another city, and you want to send him/her flowers and know his/her Postal/Zip Code; you can enter their code and "Florist" in the 'Want It' column. The closest florist(s) should show up, one may have a website link, or is a TDF representative. Click their site's link and 'Bingo' you can do business with them.

Important Notes

  • Members who have allowed for email update notices will automatically receive Posting termination/renewal notices, 5 days before the 30 day listing. Failure to renew listings will automatically result in a terminated Posting.
  • Members can terminate Postings at any time.
  • BUT, you are especially responsible for the removal of your posting after a sale or trade has been completed.
  • Postings noted to be lingering by fellow members after a completed transaction can result in an imperfect record. Repeat offenders will be warned, and may have their membership terminated. It pays to be diligent by keeping your record perfect.
  • Except for Gopoco staff, only the original poster can eliminate his or her posting.

Common Posting Problems

  • Mis-spellings. If you write "conch" you are referring to a large marine mollusk. If it's a piece of furniture, you need to spell it "couch".
  • Your category 'keyword' is not working for you. Try another word. If "couch" is not working, try 'divan', settee, sofa or chesterfield. "Salesplace" not working? Change it to distributor or dealership. Instead of "farm equipment," be specific: plow, tractor, bailer etc.
  • Undesirable vocabulary brought to Gopoco's attention will automatically get the posting eliminated and can lead to the cancellation of a membership.
  • Gopoco does not confirm postings; check your 'Have It' listing by entering the same listing in the 'Want It' window. It should show up.
  • "How do I remove my posting?" There is a link that takes you to delete a posting.
  • "Why was my posting removed?" If you did not remove it, it was either flagged by three different members, or Gopoco eliminated it because it was deemed to contain unacceptable text.
  • "How long does a posting remain on Gopoco?" For 30 days; unless you delete it earlier; whichever is sooner.
  • "How can I change or edit my posting?" Log in and click "Edit."


  • "How can I contact a poster?" There is a link to contact the user. Activate the link, and a contact form is provided.
  • "Are postings screened before they are listed?" No.
  • "What do I do if I consider a posting offensive or illegal?" You can 'FLAG' it. After receiving 3 flags by 3 different members, the posting will be automatically eliminated, or, when Gopoco's Administration agrees, or decides it is offensive in nature.
  • "What recourse do I have if my transaction goes bad, and I feel defrauded?" (I didn't get what I saw on the photos, or the item is different from the posting etc.) First, try to deal with only local people; people you know and trust. Be personally involved, avoid third parties; avoid vagueness, promises and ill-defined agreements. Be clear in each step of the transaction. Have an actual, personal exchange of the goods and monies. Don't accept checks if you don't know the person well enough. If you do, don't hand over or ship the goods until the check clears your bank. Remember you are in charge here. If you feel you have been purposefully defrauded, contact the police. Only when all else fails, bring it to Gopoco's customer service attention and we will consider looking into it, even though it is NOT our responsibility. Remember, you are in charge here!
  • "Does Gopoco offer any mediation between posting members?" No. As a public market place, Gopoco does not get involved in personal transactions and mediation. We offer the site as a platform to allow the various connections to take place. Remember, in the User Agreement you agreed to use at your own risk.

Placing Business Ads

  • Companies and Services wanting to post ads must first register as a free Member (in case we need to contact you).
  • After interpreting your ad, Members pay with US, or Canadian $$ (each calculated as is - no exchange rate).
    - $25.00 for 100 Clicks per View.
    - $210.00 for 1000 Clicks per view. (See Advertiser page for opening special).
  • All payments are made through PayPal, our highly respected, safe and secure online server.
  • You can pay by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express OR by: International Money Order.
  • How PPC (Pay Per Click) Banner Ads work:
  • - A 'Click' on your Banner Ad activates the Ad and takes the Member to your Site;                                    
  • - A 'Unique Click', is a Click that allows a Member User a 'onetime' click per visit; so NO clicks can be wasted! This way you only pay for prospective clients who in fact read all you have to offer. This method of Advertising is ultimately the most cost-effective way to Advertise and gives your business the highest return on your Advertising budget.
  • Since we are primarily Community oriented, Gopoco focusses on Businesses seeking to promote local trade; we do not accept large wholesale chain Ads. We are also interested in promoting worthwhile causes. Please 'Check us Out' and Contact Us.
  • All Ads will be monitored for suitable content. Anything distasteful may be flagged and or removed by Gopoco Admin.
  • 100 click Ads will not be re-imbursed; 1000 Click Ads will be deducted @ a $25.00 Admin fee.

General Questions

  • "Why Gopoco?" As the newbie on the block, with most obvious names already registered, we decided on GoPo(stal)Co(de).
  • "Is Gopoco really free?" Yes, the service is totally gratis for individual Member users. No charge. No hidden fees. No surprises. The advertisements on our site pay our bills and keep us serving you. We own NOTHING!
  • "Can I discontinue my membership to" Totally! Just make sure to eliminate your listings, then go to your profile page and click 'discontinue membership.'
  • If you have meaningful questions you feel we should include, or have brilliant suggestions presently not included, please contact us